A Chat with an Artist: Jimnii

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At first Glance, Jimnii, 26, is a small statured young woman with a timid voice and an artistic aesthetic. It isn’t hard to tell from her cool, calm, and collected demeanor that she must be an artist with an interesting story, and indeed she is.

Moving here from Virginia, Jimnii had an intuition that Atlanta was her next move to pursue something bigger. Initially, Jimnii attended school in Philadelphia and transferred to The Art Institute of Atlanta to study film.
After moving back to her home town for a while, she then made a sudden move back to Georgia, and had to resort to living with a friend’s mom for 3 months until she got on her feet without any friends or family in Georgia to support her.
Like anyone making such a sudden decision, she said she had her doubts. “I wanted to go back every single day, but I never picked up and left because something else was calling me to stay…I saw potential in Atlanta. When I went to school here, I saw what it could be.”
Jimnii’s art work is heavily influenced by spiritual and realistic elements, to which she credits her father for (who is also an artist). “Subjects of things I’ve picked as far as the hamsa, Buddha, people’s faces, come from my dad…He’s one of my biggest inspirations” She says as a shy grin spreads across her face.
Her mother’s personality also plays a role in inspiring order structure such as bold lines and nearly perfect shapes in Jimnii’s art “She’s very structured. And I believe my artwork has a lot of structure and lines. It’s not chaotic. I think the neatness of it comes from the character of my mother, as well as the imagination.”
In much of Jimnii’s work, the colors mint, gold, black, and white remain consistent and capture second glances of almost all her audiences. “So far that seems to be what brings people’s attention…I’ll probably use more of the mint color and less other colors, but black and white is what I specialize in…I love pastel colors that (mint) color just kind of spoke to me. I started off, mint everything. The gold came from wanting to do something for her mother. Her favorite color is gold.”
Of course, artwork doesn’t come from just anywhere. Even in brilliant minds like Jimnii’s. A process is required. In speaking about what inspired the beginning of her artistic journey Jimnii confesses that although she’s been doing art all her life, the onset of her artistic career began after a breakup. She advises others to use moments like those to have creative outlets. “You want to put your negative emotions somewhere, and that’s how to really deal with things. Put your energy towards something.”
Jimnii’s process in creating artwork is as unique as the result. Along with listening to Kanye for inspiration, she also reveals “I don’t do a bunch of artwork really fast. I have to get out into the world, and usually I experience that for about 2 or 3 months without doing any artwork. I feel myself, my energy, and inspiration, so when I do, I can knock 50 paintings out in a week.” She says nonchalantly “I don’t like to stay on an idea for too long, because then it just becomes a thought…Doing it makes it real.”
So far this year, Jimnii has already participated in 6 shows. With her next show coming up on Aug 19 at Terminal West as her 2nd annual RAW Artist show, Jimnii also plans on doing a show in Australia in the near future in addition to doing her own art show that’s already in the works. “Oh, you’re going to have to wait and see.” She says excitedly. “It’s happening.”
Jimnii admits that it’s not easy and drops some gems of advice to anyone that wants to get into the art scene. “I instill that on everyone I meet. Just go for it, and get started.” She advises.
She also mentions that the first step to doing anything you want to do is finding out who you are. “That will take you the rest of the way, because one you become comfortable and confident in everything that you do whether it’s art, a sport, starting a business, it’ll drive you because you know exactly what you want to do. You don’t have to second guess what your thoughts or intuition is because you know who you are. There are a lot of people that don’t know. They just do things because they see it, but if it comes from your heart and your intuition then anything is possible.”

To check out more of Jimnii’s art visit her site HERE

and who can forget the AMAZING photographer behind these shots, Jack Lester

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The Collection of Paradise – Fendi Resort 2016

Resort collections are all about refreshing looks, colors, and aesthetics. The Collection was inspired by the bird of paradise, which is ironically not a bird at all, but a beautiful bright orange plant indigenous to South Africa. Taking after the botanical muse, the collection takes both a delicate and edgy spectrum. After all, this collection was intended to evoke “pleasant aggressiveness”, as said by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld. Oxymoronic? Yes. But it’s Karl Lagerfeld. We all know this man knows what he’s doing.

The Bird of life, was featured on the prints of several looks in the collection including a white poplin collared, sunflower yellow baby doll dress, yes…This collection deserves plenty of adjectives. Aside of the bright pops of yellow, Lagerfeld also experimented with muted colors such as olives, but used color blocking in other designs such as the ‘FENDI’ printed fur coat that looks…..warm, to say the least.

Playful looks including a black pullover sweater with a pink light bulb and cut-paste looking letters was paired with a playful embezzled mini skirt and tiny clutch. The collection, of course couldn’t be completed without adorable accessories.

Fendi’s Resort 2016 collection is complete with both formal and everyday looks that are not only versatile, but intriguing enough to make a double take if you were to see someone sporting someone with anything from this collection, might I suggest Rihanna? Just making predictions.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fendi via Style.com


Oh, Don’t be Such a Tulle!

This is couture if I’ve never seen it! Although it is sad to see JPG signing off of the ready to wear business, it’s amazing to see him slide over to all couture.Jean Paul Gaultier staged his last prêt-à-porter show eve at Le Grand Rex, after he announced he would shutter his ready-to-wear collection to focus on couture and perfume.

He dubbed the collection 61 Façons de Se Dire Oui, or 61 Ways to Say Yes. After all, this is a wedding collection…with a twist.

Each look got a clever name of its own. Like the little black ensemble called “To Bi or Not to Bi”, tailored like a man’s suit on one side and silhouette-ed like a dress on the other. It kind of reminded me of those magic acts when the magician is dressed half man, half woman.

One of my favorite looks of this collection were the baby blue tutu overalls. AH-DORABLE! It made me want to wear it while sitting in a flower field eating swirly lollipops.

Naomi Campbell closed the show wrapped in cellophane and orchids as the bridal bouqet…I thought that was pretty cute and clever. Correction, this whole collection was cute and clever.

Even though it is bitter sweet to see JPG leave his ready-to-wear side, I must say…So far, it’s pretty frickin’ sweet.

photocredit:Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com via Style.com


50 Shades of Camo – White Mountaineering Fall 2015 Menswear

I must admit, this is my first time hearing or seeing of this brand, but I’m already falling in love. I love sportswear brands and menswear, primarily due to their durability and their ability to be worn for years without going out of style.

White Mountaineering,  by Japanese designer, Yosuke Aizawa gives an outdoor camping meets streetwear feel. Especially with patterns ranging from geometric, floral, and owl inspired camo. I’m all about prints, and Aizawa is feeding my craving.

I’d also like to direct focus to the highwater pants in this collection. I’d like to apologize to the nerds in school that used to get made fun of for wearing highwaters, and tell them that they were  “outdoorsy and fashion forward”

White Mountaineering wasn’t all about man-meets-wild outdoor coats, it also featured ponchos, wrap around skirts, and 70’s looking floral bomber jackets. and despite the various patterns, Aizawa definitely let’s us know it’s okay to layer up in this toasty,practical,futuristic collection.


Beautiful and Dirty Rich – Givenchy Fall 2015 Menswear

Yes, the title of this is a Lady Gaga song reference. Not that I’m a big fan, but the song applies to my initial thoughts on seeing this collection.

Something about this Givenchy collection reminds me of a super fashionable, yet wealthy super villain. Ya know, with the witty remarks, and the sly personality that although you hate them since they’re the villain, they’re your favorite villain. The villain with a back story. Like the joker.

Like most Givenchy collections, dark, almost sinister aspects to this collection were key. Pinstripes, evil reds, and the almost trademark Givenchy symmetry in the tribal patterns.

Models were adorned with the FKA Twigs styled baby hair sculpting pulled from the 90’s and some were even made up in dark lipstick, eye shadows, costumed makeup, and sewn lips…yes, sewn lips. Another reason to redirect my thoughts to super villains.

This collection was absolutely beautiful in the modern Adams Family sense, and as always Sebastian Suhl, Givenchy’s CEO does a beautiful job of keeping Givenchy’s dark spirit that we all love.

photo credit: Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com via style.com


70’s Thrift Shop Hipster Greek God – Marc Jacobs Fall Menswear 2015

I’m in between classes, so let’s make this review quick.
First of all, let’s focus on this model’s Greek God-esque facial features and Beatles hairdo, (although I personally feel as though this model would’ve looked better with wavy hair)
Now that we’ve taken in all that gloriousness, we can focus on the actual collection.
One of my favorite aspects of this collection was the 70’s inspired velvet and androgynous silhouettes like the belted trench coat. You all know by now how much I love androgynous inspired silhouettes.
When I first saw this collection, I thought of how vintage dapper might become VERY big in 2015. Although I don’t think it’ll be common for guys to walk around in big furry coats, I guess we’ll see as the year progresses. It’s only the beginning.

Let me know what you all think of this collection in the comments.

My Life

As of Today, I am 19. But I’m Never Too Young To Wear a Grandpa Sweater.

*sigh* Today is the day of my birth, and as weird as it may sound, I feel like I wasn’t 18 long enough despite the fact that A LOT OF changes happened. I’ve never been one to do anything or ask for anything for my birthday. My boo took me our for an Indian buffet, which was AMAZING! We went to the mall and I let him blow some cash on me…He insisted.

I don’t even dress up for the occasion. Today I just wore a denim button up, my black levis and my thrifted grandpa sweater that I overwore last year and underwore this year. It was FREEZING this morning and this is the only thing thick enough in my closet. Although it might be ugly on the hanger, or maybe even ugly on me, to some eyes. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. And I appreciate the ironic look of a young person like myself in a modern outfit with the vintage touch of a Grandpa sweater.

To give you an idea of how frickin’ cold it was. Yesterday water spilled in the cupholder in my car. I didn’t wipe it up, figuring it’ll evaporate by morning. NOPE. IT WAS FROZEN! So I went into the glove compartment to pull out my emergency baby wipes….THEY WERE FROZEN TOO! I hat to unattached the bottom for my cupholder and tap it against the grounds so the cupholder shaped chunk of ice can come out.

Nonetheless, it was a great, beautiful day that eventually warmed up.